My Writings

What is here?

So much of my writing is centered on exploring where I am, rather than dreaming about where I want to go. Being Here can be difficult, but it’s where we are. So why not write about it?

The Girl With Green Hair

This piece came out a fiction free write, the prompt being “Once upon a time.” I added to it a bit but the theme stayed the same and feels like just the right thing to post as I prepare to leave the hospital after my double lung/liver transplant.

How to Pandemic

“What are we going to do for the next few weeks at home, in isolation?”

Navigating Hope and A New Medication

CF has a new wonder drug out now and so many of us are jumping on board. But how do we hold hope and make sure to stay grounded?

A poem for 2018

In this season of hesitationI am learning bravery, and to ask, why do I pause?where is the fear taking me?I remember that God is goodall the time,and especially on Mondays,when movement is easier.I say goodbye to unhelpful questionsthat keep me paralyzed and afraid of failure.I say hello to all that is before me: awkward moments, uncertain hours,  a…


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